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Being experienced in the milk products business, Mr. P. Yashwantth Kumaar noticed that milk co-operatives produce the best quality milk and milk products at low-cost. The idea of promoting such products is rewarding for both people and the company had made him start SSR Enterprise in the year 1999.

        The first collaboration with AP dairy to deliver Vijaya milk tetra pack products was proved to be successful. It made SSR expand the business in 2004 by becoming a C&F agent for Visaka Dairy co-operative society. In 2007, SSR started promoting prestigious Nandini Goodlife products such as ghee, tetra pack milk and milk products as super stockists in Telangana.

        After 8 years of victorious association, in 2015, SHRE SSR ENTERPPRISESS was established to promote Nandini fresh milk and curd with a 36,000 litres capacity which currently, stands at 1 lakh litres. With 20+ years of marketing experience, in 2020, SHRE SSR broadened its services and became a C&F agent for AP Oil federation’s Vijaya edible oils in twin cities and neighbouring districts.

        SHRE SSR takes immense pride in supporting lakhs of milk-producing farmers and milk co-operatives through its business model. SHRE SSR believes it is everyone’s right to get a genuine, unadulterated product at a minimal cost which could be possible with strong collaboration, a well-established network with the principle of “Going Together & Growing Together”. With almost 50+ distribution centres and 1000+ agents across the twin cities, SHRE SSR is on the way to achieving its goal.

Vijaya Oil & NANDINI Milk Distributors | SSR Dailii


Vijaya Oil & NANDINI Milk Distributors | SSR Dailii

Delighting every customer with a fresh, unadulterated product at a minimum cost.


Vijaya Oil & NANDINI Milk Distributors | SSR Dailii<

Reaching every customer, business at the doorstep by embracing information technology.

Establishing a direct connection between Company and Consumer.

Creating employment through various business opportunities.

Empowering the milk-producing farmers and cooperative societies.

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Vijaya Oil & NANDINI Milk Distributors